Monday, 29 November 2010


Gender - Masculine
Planet – Sun/Mercury
Element - Fire

Magical uses - Healing, money drawing, psychic powers, spiritual quests, love, success, cleansing, purification, blessings, protection, improved communications and also aids meditation.

 primarily we use it with the intent of success but it is a good all round spice and with the added bonus that it smells delicious!

A stick of Cinnamon makes an excellent incense, as it smoulders slowly releasing a potent energy. Cinnamon has a high vibration, and can be added to most spells simply to boost their power.

Cinnamon can be used to achieve a higher state of spirituality and as an aid to clairvoyance and to stimulate psychic powers.

Incorporated into a spell or charm, Cinnamon can be used to give your creativity a boost, and it can also be drawn upon to reinforce your will and determination. The fast moving, successful, determined energy of Cinnamon makes it an ideal addition to prosperity and success spells to draw money and increase your personal power, and aid in successful ventures.

Sprinkling a little cinnamon on your toast or your cafe latte in the morning may help to improve business and also make you silver tongued.

To protect yourself from gossip or the envy of others, place a tiny dot of cinnamon on your breast bone in the morning while dressing. Sprinkling a little cinnamon under the phone, may help you get that difficult person to call you back.

Sucking on a cinnamon flavored candy before you need to make a presentation or a speech, can help you be more eloquent.

The next time you wash the floor, add a dash of cinnamon to the water to increase business. This is especially effective if done in your kitchen, front hallway and the area of your home business.



Do not use cinnamon when breast feeding.

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  1. I would agree tho im not wiccan, but i am pagan and satanist for many years, and witch,, the benefits of cinnamon are fiery and take you to that place that brings you confidence and success. cinnamon is a useful herb used in a careful knows the power of mars to move mountains but to make a monster of men