Monday, 13 December 2010

A Modern Take on a Creation Myth

"At the beginning of Time there was an Instance. Out of that Instance came Time and with it Space, and Nothing became Something. And with that Instance, with the Time and Space, came Consiousness. Consciousness smiled, and slept.

When Consciousness awoke, she saw tiny specks of intense brightness. Myriad specks, and as she looked, she saw that they were gathered into families. Consciousness blinked. She looked again, and the families of specks had moved apart, Space was growing.

She picked a family at random, and moved towards it. She watched as the family of specks danced around in an intricate circle, and with each speck a cloud of dust. As she gazed entranced, she saw that the dust was sticky, and as the specks swirled and twirled, the dust began to clump together, until each and every speck had it's own group of dots dancing around it too.

Consiousness was overjoyed at this spectacle. She chose one particular speck and moved closer until she was close enough to hug the speck and feel it's warmth. She followed the trails of bright light, let herself be carried along on the wave of warmth and noticed that the dots surrounding were of so many colours.

Just then, she felt a tickle. She giggled, and her attention caught on a particularly colourful dot - blues and greens and browns, yellows, white and even patches of red. As she got closer and closer to the dot, the more she tickled.

She dove down under the fluffy white blanket, and found herself exhilerated. She floated through the clear blue, drawn on by ever increasing sensation. She touched the mountains, she touched the seas, and every time she shivered with the contact.

Consciousness stretched out, and as she did so, the waters moved away from her. She relaxed and the waters returned.

Curious, she turned to glide across the surface of the planet. She came to thickly forested land, and as she smoothed the green foliage, she in turn felt a comforting stroke upon herself. She sighed out in contentment, and the trees breathed it in.

After a while, something began to niggle in the back of Consciousness's mind. She could hear something completely new and different. Rhythmic, not at all like the background noise she was accustomed to. She followed the sounds, and the sounds became voices. She came upon a human village, where in the centre was the bright heat of fire, and dancing and swirling around it, mirroring the intricate dance of the stars, were people, and they were singing.

Consciousness could feel them! She knew of their happiness, their sadness, oh she could feel their pain, their joy. Consciousness felt herself captured in their song, felt herself be pulled down to dance amongst them, she joined hands and stamped her feet and danced. She danced with a million pairs of feet, and sang with a million voices, her awareness exploding out past mountain, past sea, past cloud and sun, exploding out to encompass the entirety of the universe. Her awareness taking in the billion billion tiny suns and their dancing planets with their singing and dancing inhabitants. For when she dances, the whole of the Universe dances, for that is what she was."

Blaiddwolf ~2010

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