Monday, 24 January 2011

Celebrating ideas for Imbolc

So Imbolc is just around the corner, what do we do to celebrate?

Imbolc is the best time for initiating change and giving life to new ideas and projects. Whatever you set in motion now with blossom and grow as the Wheel of the Year turns.

Gather together with friends and ask everyone to bring a candle, some food and drink and to share poems, songs, artwork etc so that you can all share in each other's achievements.

Weave an Imbolc Ring - made from stems of flexible wood such as willow, winter jasmine, honeysuckle, forsythia, dogwood. Create a circle the size of a plate, using the thinner end of each stem as a needle, weaving it in and out until it holds firm. Continue weaving in different twigs until you build up the ring. As you work, focus on what you have learned over the Winter and what you wish to start as Spring begins. When finished place the ring in a shallow dish of water and it should leaf and flower giving energy to your new plans.

Plant seeds - as you do so focus on what seeds you have been nurturing and what you wish to plant in the fertile energy of the new season. Symbolically plant them in the earth as you do so.

Light a candle and focus on the power of goodwill, visualising actions that could spread goodwill and happiness throughout the world.

Make a Brighid's well, water has the power for fertility and healing.

Give your house a good sweeping with a besom - clear out all negative energy and old habits.

Make a Sun Wheel with candles.

Make a Bride dolly from stalks of grain to symbolise the Goddess Bride/Brighid.

Maka a bed for your Brighid dolly to lay in.

Make or decorate candles.

Make a Brighid's cross.

Place a lighted candle in each window of your house on Imbolc and allow them to burn down.

Go for a walk in your local area and see how many signs of Spring you can see.

Cleanse and re-consecrate all your magickal tools, including your besom.

On Imbolc Eve, leave buttered bread in a bowl indoors for the fairies who travel with the Lady of Greenwood.

Place three ears of corn on the door as symbol of the Triple Goddess and leave until Ostara.

Make up a bowl of Imbolc potpourri with whatever fragrances symbolise Imbolc to you.

Have fun!

What will you do to celebrate?


Celebrating the seasons by Ashleen O'Gaea
Earth Wisdom by Glennie Kindred

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