Tuesday, 11 January 2011

The Colours of Magick

Yesterday I created a bespoke ladder for a Kitchen Witch customer. All I had to go on was that it's intent was for Gratitude.

We already use a lot of colour correspondences in our crafts, each colour can evoke a particular emotional response or concept association at a subconscious level, yellow makes us happy and green evokes a fertile landscape.

I won't go into listing all the correspondences, as we already have a post about that. http://kitchenwitchuk.blogspot.com/2010/09/colour-magick.html

For Gratitude, however - there just wasn't one colour that presented itself to me - there were three.

It got me thinking, about how specific we can actually get with intent in using colour magick, simply by breaking down a more complex concept into more basic component parts. When thinking of Gratitude, I began thinking of the feelings it invoked in me, I was happy, I had those lovey dovey fluffy feelings, and my spirit was energised, and so the colours of Gratitude have become a gentle yellow, a pale pink and a brilliant white.

By combining colours in one magickal working, the possibilities are huge. If you want success in your job, then how about green for fertility, brown for business and orange for success? Healing a rift within a family? Then how about blue for healing, pink for relationships and black for banishing discord? What about Contentment, or Contemplation? What colours would combine to evoke these?

I combined my colours into a witches' ladder, into one object that evokes a certain association directly with the subconsious and therefore working it's magick directly with the universe and bypassing that pesky conscious mind that just likes to complicate things. It could just of easily been a string of beads, a grouping of candles, or even ribbons tied around one big candle.

One thing is for sure, that colour has a language all of it's own, and it's well worth becoming acquainted with it to inject that little bit more power into our spellwork.

Love and hugs


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