Monday, 17 January 2011

Full Wolf Moon

Wednesday January 19th is a Full Wolf Moon.

About 15 days after the new moon the full moon first appears. At this point the moon is on the opposite side of the earth from the sun so she rises around sunset and sets around dawn.

The sun shines fully on her face and tides are at their extremes again. Some may sense the pull of the sun from one direction and the moon from the opposite and their energy and will feel a bit scattered.

As Full Moon approaches notice what isn’t working and shed it in order to focus your energies more effectively. Remind yourself to slow down a little and conserve your strength.

This is a good time to try out forms of divinations such as scrying or tarot. Reflect about your goals, feelings and maters that have to do with relationship and family.

Full Moon Magick - Prime time is midnight. Good for artistic endeavours, beauty, health, fitness, change and decisions. Children, competition, dreams, families, health and healing, knowledge, legal undertakings. Love and romance, money, motivation, protection, psychism and self-improvement. Light of the sun. It starts to enlighten inner wisdom. Provides clarity, alertness and optimism. Aligns the right use of will.

As the Full Moon just passes, the time arrives to put the finishing touches on what you have been doing and to get ready for the quieter time to come. Enjoy beauty and art, listen to music. If you have argued with someone but do not feel the issues are really vital, make up now.

The moon in January has many beautiful names, some of the most used are the Wolf Moon, Quiet Moon, Snow Moon, Cold Moon, Chaste Moon, Disting Moon and Moon of Little Winter.

January - the Wolf Moon, is an ideal starting point on the annual cycle because it is a quiet time; a time of sitting by the hearth, keeping warm and safe. The old Anglo Saxon name of Wolf Moon probably came about because at this time of year, when food was scarce and the snows lay heavy, the wolves were hungry enough to become bolder and more dangerous. They would prey on the perimeter of the settlements, desperate enough to take any living thing which strayed into their path.


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