Wednesday, 12 January 2011

House Blessings

What do you do for a house blessing?

I would suggest you start with a house cleansing. Then a blessing that asks for peace, to make your home a safe haven, to keep those that live there happy and healthy. It also offers protection, you have to back this up yourself obviously with the usual locking of doors etc., but protection from negative spirits and energies as well as warding off thieves.

You can also do a house blessing on your office, place of work or your car. These blessings could also include prosperity and success.

I regularly smudge my home, I walk around each room with a bunch of sage that I am burning and I waft the cleansing smoke into each corner and around each room, asking for blessings. In front of each window I draw a pentacle with the smoke. You could also achieve the same result by sprinkling salt water around the house instead of the sage smudging.

I also have several witches bottles stashed in the corners of various rooms of the house – these I renew regularly. Each one is filled with items to soak up negative energies and promote happiness and love.

Blessing the heart of the home – using a small dish of salt, incense, a red candle and a bowl of water. Light the candle and the incense. Place the candle in the centre of your room. Beginning in the East and moving deosil (clockwise), work your way slowly around the room. First sprinkling a little salt in each corner, then going around with the incense, then sprinkling the water on the perimeter of the room, then sit in front of the candle and visualise blessings from all four elements – earth, air, fire and water. Earth being prosperity, air being knowledge, fire being courage and water being love. Then say this blessing:

Elements four I call, release now your power,
As I bless my home in this magickal hour
No negativity can enter, no spirits shall roam
As I consecrate and protect the heart of my home

As you finish the charm draw a circle in the air above the candle flame with your finger. Spiral it up faster and faster, higher and higher until you fling the energy off and out into the room. Close the spell by saying:

This home is now blessed by my will and desire
I close this spell by earth, air, water and fire

This one is my personal favourite and I perform this one regularly:

Hearth Goddess Charm – you need one red candle, nine small stones (I use small hag stones), a pinch of salt.

Arrange the stones around the candle, dust the stones with a pinch of salt to consecrate them. Light the candle, see it glowing with warmth, magick and hospitality. Repeat the following chant three times:

Goddesses of the home and the sacred hearth flame,
Brigid, Hestia and Vesta, I call your names
A candle for fire, a ring of stones becomes your hearth,
Bless us with warmth and security from this Witch’s art.

Close the spell with:

By the powers of earth and fire
This spell is sealed by my will and desire.

Allow the candle to burn for as long as you wish. I have a candle holder with the stones and a red candle permanently on my fireplace, I relight it when I feel the need to reconnect to the goddesses of hearth and home (shown in the picture above).

Both of these spells are taken from the book Cottage Witchery by Ellen Dugan, it is a wonderful book packed full of lovely hints and tips for making natural magick for your home.



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