Wednesday, 26 January 2011

One Witch's Thought for the Future

I believe that for some years, a significant amount of time in a human time-scale, but a blink of an eye cosmically, humankind has finally, perhaps, begun to grow up. We've gone through our first faltering steps as a species, our innocent childhood or prehistory. We've explored our environment, we've poked and prodded, we've built things up and knocked them down again. We've depended on our deities for everything. We've then sulked and rebelled to an extent that would make any teenager proud, stamping our independence, insisting that we don't need any help thank you.

Perhaps now we are finally reaching early adulthood. Where we can admit that sometimes parents are ok, and it's nice to have them to fall back on when we need to. When we need comforting, or our mistakes fixing, or just some advice.

With welcoming the female deity energies back, reuniting them once and for all, without demoting those of the god, perhaps we have matured. We know now, that the god and the goddess have different roles, different approaches, but that we need to see and hear both for. Perhaps we will be less harmful to each other, to our environment.

When there is an imbalance and conflict at the top, there will be strife and hurts below. Parents who fight and argue will damage their children's perspectives, just as it is damaging for one parent to be absent, having either abandoned their children, or having been denied access. For the past couple of millenia, we have been denied access to one of our spiritual parents, and we have grown up imbalanced, without the benefit of their energies.

With the Goddess' return, as we seek out the one that has been denied us, we reclaim and rediscover another viewpoint. We are beginning to hear both sides of the story, and we can make up our own minds now. By growing up, we can be more magnaminous, we can see, admit and accept fault without blame. We can move past the past, and instead concentrate on the future. A future unblemished by past arguments, past hurts and misunderstandings.

The future is so very hopeful. As the future of any young adult should be. It is full of promise, the idea that we are capable of anything and everything. The old rules no longer apply, especially if there is no acceptable explanation of why we should follow outmoded practices. We no longer simply follow blindly, but we walk side by side, in the knowledge that we do these things because it is our choice.

We do things that make us happy, because doing things for the greater good makes us happy. Spiritual fulfilment becomes a valid goal. Our moral codes come from within, not because someone has told us what is right and wrong. We know now why it is right and wrong. We are taking personal responsibility.

Now, we go out to make our parents proud, both of them. And with that we will make a world that makes us proud also.

Love and Hugs


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