Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Magickal Spring Cleaning

It has been a beautiful spring like day today, blue skies, crisp but fairly warm weather for the time of year and the birds have been singing in the garden.

Time for a spring clean.  This time of the year encourages people to reach for their brooms and undertake household  chores. For the witch, spring-cleaning is more than physical cleaning, it is also a ritual for new beginnings and positive change.  To sweep through the house clearing out old negative energies and habits and filling it with love and positive energy.

Just the act of sweeping can clear out old habits or unpleasant situations, visualising them gone as you sweep. Think of the things you wish to be rid of, from draining relationships to negative thought patterns.

Clearing clutter has the same banishing effect. Let go of any negative associations, feelings or situations that have attached themselves to the object, or the person who gave it to you.

Clean the windows and then throw them open to let in the fresh, cleansing air, dispersing the old negative air inside.  Draw symbols in the air in front of all the windows and doors to bless them and bring protection.

I like to do my housework with some music on, loud and energetic to aid my in my chores.  You could use pagan music and chant as you go, bringing positive ideas and manifesting good will and happy energy.

As you flush the toilet - visualise all the unpleasant things and nastiness going down with the water.

Banish negative energies by dusting widdershins, then polish deosil to bring in all the good stuff!

Add some essential oil to your floor wash to cleanse and freshen.

Once I am done I like to smudge the house and bless it just to make sure.

I usually renew my witches bottles at this time, or give them a good shake and a recharge.

Go on...make like Snow White...sing with the birds too if you wish!


House Blessings
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  1. Spring cleaning always makes me feel like a new woman! I actually started a couple of days ago by raking my yard & pulling out all my gardening tools :) I plan to do my house next week.

    I do have a couple of questions...
    First of all, what are widdershins & deosil?
    Second, would you please share how you make your witches bottles & how to use them?

    Although I've considered myself a witch for several years, I'm still slowing learning all the tricks of the trade.

    Thank you for all your guidance :)

    Brightest Blessings,
    Willowhyla Autumnsong

  2. Merry Meet Willowhyla
    Always happy to answer questions!
    Widdershins is anti clockwise and deosil is clockwise.
    For the witches bottles - take a look at the link at the bottom of the blog above 'witches bottles' it tells you all about them and what goes into them.