Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Crystals - Attuning

Attuning to a crystal:

I like this exercise to get the feel of the stones I have have in my collection.

Cup the chosen stone/metal in the palm of your projective hand (your receptive hand is one you naturally use to accept a gift) and close your eyes. Breathe deeply, extending all of your senses toward the stone. Open all your spiritual awareness to feel and hear the stone’s vibrations. (This often manifests as heat, static or musical tones). Make a mental note of any impressions you get.

Next, move the stone to your receptive hand. Wait patiently to see if you get a word or image from the stone that will help you determine its use later. Also take note of how the stone makes you feel. Do you feel grounded? Energised? Alert? Introspective? These are also important clues to the stone’s basic matrix.

When you are done, make notes of your experience in the magical diary portion of your spellbook. Refer to them any time you want to use that particular stone in magic.

Creating a crystal place:

Crystals are magickal anywhere. However, if you create a special crystal place in your home for meditation, contemplation and healing work, it will increasingly become an oasis of calm and healing power that can restore your inner harmony after the most fraught day.

You will need a small table with a cloth to serve as an altar and comfortable seating, perhaps floor cushions if it is a low table.

On the altar set white candles, an all purpose incense such as sandalwood, lavender or rose, fresh seasonal flowers and a stature or picture of a favourite deity.

You can display large crystals, spheres, geodes, crystal point formations or clusters and wands and the unpolished pieces you may have.

In the centre, keep a dish of your favourite crystals, through which you can run your fingers or create patterns with the crystals on the altar, the floor or in a special sand box (use a large tray and childrens play sand).

Make crystal grids, mandalas (regular circular patterns), labyrinths, medicine wheels or any formation that intuitively seems to bring power and healing. Touch each crystal in turn and send a blessing or healing to a person, animal or place.

When you have the time, explore the energies of an individual crystal by setting the altar with the related incense, relevant candle colour, a dish of its herbs or oil and its flowers.


(ideas sourced from Cassandra Eason & Patricia Telesco books)

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  1. I really liked reading this, I need to be more active in my practice, but also to watch the energies coming from the crystals....MIGHTY POWERFUL! :)