Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Camellia - the flower of riches!

Camellia – the money flower!

I have a beautiful camellia bush in my garden that is covered with pink blossoms. I pick up the flowers once they have dropped on the ground and place them on my altar, as they stay in perfect condition for several days afterwards.

The camellia was one of the Chinese imports that arrived in Europe and Britain in the 19th century. A shrubby plant with delicate blooms in white, pink or red.

The name Camellia was also used by Tolkien – Camellia Baggins who was Otho’s mother and Lobelia’s mother in law.

The camellia brings riches and luxury, and so is used in spells of this kind.

Place the blossoms in vessels of water on your altar during money and prosperity rituals, or try this money spell:

Camellia Money Spell

These lovely Moon ruled blooms are good for money spells. Just before Full Moon, place a bowl of them on your altar and drop three silver coins in between the blooms, naming one for money to spend, one for a loved one to spend it on and the third for the wisdom to spend it wisely. When your rite is over, take the three coins and keep them in a piece of cotton. Press one of the flowers between two sheets of tissue paper and keep that with the coins as your fortune begins to grow.

Gender: Feminine
Planet: Moon
Element: Water
Powers: Riches


The spell was taken from Power of the Moon by Teresa Moorey

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