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The unicorn, king of all equines is found in folklore throughout the world. It is most usually depicted as a pure white horse with a long spiral horn projecting from its forehead.

However in some cultures it is more stag than horse like, while in other parts of the world it has the appearance of a goat, and it may be grey, black, blue, roan or dappled in colour.

The unicorn is a symbol of purity and innocence and is thus associated with young children. Unicorns are also connected with magic, enchantment, the faerie realm, speed, beauty, chastity, valour and ferocity when needd. Legend states that a unicorn gallps so swiftly it can never be captured. Instead it has to be lured into a trap baited with a fair maiden (a virgin). The unicorn cannot resist the attraction of innocence and will always fall into the trap.

Unicorns were said to live in forests or groves of apple trees. The apple is of course a symbol of Avalon, the Celtic Otherworld and this association illustrates the unicorn’s ability to move between the worlds. He is a guardian of treasures kept in a chest made of cedarwood, and he is also believed to hold the secrets of true alchemy. The use of apple or cedarwood essential oil in ritual can help you to connect with this beautiful creature.

Although unicorns are not considered to have a physical existence on the material plane, there have nevertheless been occasional sightings of them. It is not clear what prompts them to make such a visitation. These beautiful creatures have much to teach us if we open our hearts and minds and let them in. It represents good will, fame, prosperity, gentleness, purity, strength of mind. Individual power that is unlimited. For wisdom with success. Developing personal power.

The allicorn is the name given to the spiraling horn on the unicorn’s head. It is blessed with magical properties, and at one time it was believed that the unicorn had been hunted to extinction for the gift of its horn. During the Middle Ages many fake allicorns were in circulation and were widely accepted as genuine. They were used as magical wands and were fashioned into drinking horns, as the main attribute of the allicorn was that it could detect all poisons and purity them, rendering them harmless. Allicorns were also said to be able to purity water. It was believed that a unicorn would dip its horn into a lake or stream before drinking from it.

Spell to see a unicorn

The unicorn can be quite shy, so do you best to attune with its energy before you call it. You could do this by beginning to collect statues and pictures of unicorns, or make your own unicorn art. Alternatively work with unicorns in your meditations. Once you feel that you have made a psychic link with the unicorn, perform this spell.

What you need:

A picture or object to represent the unicorn realm, illuminator candles and matches or a lighter.

Light the illuminator candles on your altar and cast your usual Circle.

Focusing on the unicorn picture or object, bring to mind the image of a unicorn. When you have the image clear, call out the following invocation (or one of your own choosing)

I send these words through time and space
To bring a unicorn to this place
Be it today, or be it soon
Be it by the light of the magical moon
Be it in flesh or be it in dreams
The beautiful unicorn will be seen
By I who walk the witch’s road
Unicorn strength now lightens my load
Unicorn come to me
Your beauty I would wish to see
Unicorn come to me!
This is my will, so mote it be!

Close the circle. In the weeks that follow, make careful note of your dreams. This may be where the unicorn makes its appearance.


Spell taken from Magical Beasts by Marie Bruce, edited by Tansy
Unicorn animal spirit stone available from Kitchen Witch website

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