Wednesday, 27 April 2011

What is a Kitchen Witch?

Kitchen witchery is getting back to the roots of the Craft. Back before the "Burning Times" back before the Dark Ages, but back when the Craft was practiced by men and women working around their hearth-fires in their small and simple dwellings. They didn't have kitchens, or even rooms as we know them today - but they had areas of their homes that were specifically for a certain purpose - sleeping, eating, cooking, crafting etc etc etc.

Back in the days where the village wise-men and wise-women were free and respected, when they were the people to turn to for help and problem solving. Their homes would be filled with the bits and pieces they would need for their Craft - herbs, sticks and stones, bottles and pouches. They would have used the same tools for their Craft as they would have used in their day-to-day living - cooking pot, cutting knives, wooden spoons, chopping boards, bowls...they may have used separate tools for magickal work than ordinary cooking, but the tools would have looked the same nonetheless.

Modern witchcraft is very often equated to Wicca, and to many they are one and the same. However, there are many that identify with Witch but not Wicca (there are also those who identify with Wicca and not Witch). Wicca is the religion, it has the ceremonial rituals, the distinction between magickal and mundane. Witchcraft is the practice, it's the down and dirty end of magick.

Kitchen Witch, Green Witch, Hedge Witch - these are all terms for those witches not desiring to follow the theatrics of a religion, but who prefer to work their Craft. To connect on a daily basis to Life, to Nature, and where best to do that but in the heart of their homes? I'm not saying that Wicca doesn't desire these same things, but they have different methods of doing it.

To a Kitchen Witch, the kitchen is sacred. It's where the magick happens, whether it's mixing up a potion, or cooking up a family dinner. Kitchen Witches use the same tools for magickal work as they do for mundane, as ALL work is magickal, and by using these tools, it puts in our energies and binds them to us, makes them more powerful and meaningful. We don't save our tools for "best" - every day is a reason to get the "best" out from the back of the cupboard.

A Kitchen Witch is often a good cook also, and knows a trick or two about keeping house. A house is more than just a home for a kitchen witch - it is their sacred space, and the heart of the home, the place where this magick takes place - that is the kitchen...

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  2. fantastic I am called The Jam witch because i started my own business making jams and everybody decided my pan was a cauldron. Some of the jams I make would have had me classed as a witch as I forage love this post. we even have a shop in dundee called the kitchen witch much love and light. To many people have lost their respect for nature and it is very sad as without her magic and the green mans trees we would all die xxxxx

  3. Thanks for the post was a nice little read. This idea is something I resonate with quite profoundly ! Love the description ! Check out my blog if you get a chance (:

  4. this really helps me to focus on what I prioritize thank you

  5. Nice but true being gypsy an being raised to the magic an living on the reservation with my grams learning the life of the land I been always called a kitchen witch an what you said just hit home thank you