Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Grimoire for the Green Witch

Grimoire for the Green Witch by Ann Moura

This is one of my most used reference books.

It is a good book for someone new to the craft as it guides you through the basics, although I use it mostly now for all the correspondence charts and sign/sigil listings it contains.

It is well written and well laid out, if you are just starting out in the craft I think this is a 'must have' on your bookshelf. 

It isn't really the sort of book that you sit down with a cup of tea to relax and read through, it is more of a reference - hmmm wonder what that means/which herb do I use for that?  kind of a book.

It contains chapters on:

Green Witchcraft
Circle Casting
Esbat Rituals
Sabbat Rituals
Spellcrafting & Correspondences
Basic Spells
Teas, oils & baths

Within those chapters are magical alphabets, craft terms, rituals to perform and how to perform them, meditations to do, chants, songs, poems, sabbat activities, spells and how to write them and work with them. 

Along with a huge amount of correspondences, there probably isn't a correspondence, list or chart that it doesn't have!  From sigils, colours, elements, herbs, incenses, oils, planet, zodiacs, numbers, runes, energy points, crystals, deities through to names of power.

Ann Moura has been a practitioner of green witchcraft for more than forty years, she is also an historian and a teacher.  This lady knows her stuff...and I think most of it is contained in this book!


Article on the Llewellyn website written by Ann Moura about the book
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