Saturday, 7 May 2011

Review: Gods and Titans Oracle Deck

Earlier this year I was made aware of the upcoming release of a new Oracle deck: Gods and Titans. Published by Blue Angel Publications, written by Stacey Demarco and illustrated by Jimmy Maniton. It's an Australian team who have created this deck, and it's one of very few that call upon the Divine Masculine as its focus.

The blurb on the back of the pack reads:

"There was a time when Gods and Goddesses, the masculine and feminine Divine, co-existed equally and were honoured side by side. Yet with the passing of time this sacred union was lost. It's now time to restore the balance! Featuring tried and tested invocations and spells as well as a full explanation of each God's attributes and influence, this deck invites you to come back to a time when Gods were really Gods!

The masculine Divine in all its forms and glory has returned!"

I can definitely say that this deck lives up to its promise. These guys aren't the rather fluffy imitations of Gods that we may have been accustomed to, they tell it how it is. Eros is no little fat, flying baby here, Eros is, well, he's on the box cover, see for yourself! The artwork is glorious, and while some of the depictions may take you a little by surprise, they still manage to convey that primal essence encapsulated in each aspect of the masculine divine.

The descriptions are good enough to get a basic knowledge, they certainly get their point across, and to trigger a desire to know more, don't be surprised if a sudden urge to surf in the internet arises. There are some surprising omissions, Odin doesn't feature, but as they are taken from several pantheons, Greek, Celtic, Norse, Hindu, Egyptian plus others, there were always going to be some left out. However, there are also some unexpected inclusions, and you will learn new things.

I liked the idea of including a practical activity linked with each deity. Although I might not follow the invocations or spells, I've already seen pieces that I might utilise somewhere else in my own work, like making a mark on the skin with a pen and leaving it there to fade naturally - this appeals to the Hedgewitch in me.

There is a little teaser inside, a Goddess card from the yet to be published Goddesses and Sirens Oracle - created by the same team - and one which I will be eager to get my hands on to as soon as it's out. Though I might have a long wait as there's no hint of a publishing date.

All in all, if you'd like to reclaim some of that divine masculine energy in your life - this deck is certainly worth it

Love and hugs



  1. That looks and sounds completely awesome!! I really want a copy now! XD

  2. Thank you so much for reviewing our deck so positively! Goddesses and Sirens is out late September!


    Stacey Demarco

  3. Ooo - I can't wait!!! Thank you so much Stacey :)

  4. Really love this deck. After years of using Tarot decks, I finally bought it, along with the Goddesses & Sirens deck last month. I like to get both decks and shuffle them together. Massively empowering and unique experience!

    Do you have any other decks coming out Stacey?