Thursday, 2 June 2011

The Sacred Circle Tarot

One of the sets of tarot cards that I use regularly is the Sacred Circle Tarot set by Anna Franklin and illustrated by Paul Mason.

I was drawn to them because the cards take you on 'a celtic pagan journey'.

The illustrations use a combination of photographs, pencil drawings and computer magic, with pictures of people, animals and flora and fauna put together giving the overall feel of 'nature' to the cards. Most of the cards also have photographs of Pagan sacred sites used as backgrounds such as Stonehenge and Uffington White Horse.

They have tried to remove some of the Cabalistic and Christian images that have been used in tarot in the past few centuries and brought a more pagan feel to the cards.

You get a real sense of the pagan history of Britain and Ireland from these cards, also the feel of the turning of the wheel of the year.

Some of the cards have different names to the standard tarot such as The Green Man in place of the Fool, The Druid in place of the Heirophant and the Lord & Lady instead of The Emperor and the Empress - this just adds to the whole pagan flavour of the set.

The book that accompanies the cards is very detailed and full of good descriptions along with details of all the symbolism, divinatory meanings and reversed meanings.

A beautiful pagan set of tarot cards.


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