Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The Lucet

The Lucet

I have been crafting lately with a little gadget I found called a lucet.  It has also been referred to as a lutal, chain fork or lyre.
This tool is used in cord or braid making and believed to date back to the Viking and Medieval periods when it was used to make cords to go on clothing or to make belts to hang items from. 
It tied doublet and hose in the middle ages and bodices in the Elizabethan times. 
It was also used to make ornamental frogging in the 18th century and even to make necklaces and watch fobs for the Victorians.
The lucet cord is slightly springy but strong and resembles the cord produced on a knitting spool or knitting dolly.
Archaeological finds and information in literature suggest that use of  lucets declined after the 12th century but was revived again in the 17th century.

The lucet is a fork shape with two prongs at one end with a handle on the other some also have a hole in the centre through which the cord can be pulled.

Medieval lucets  were often made of bone but modern ones are usually made from wood.  The Victorian lucets were often made from ivory, mother of pearl or tortoiseshell.

Lucet cords now available from the Kitchen Witch website


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  1. Veleda Spakona13 July 2011 at 12:41

    So cool Tansy, I want one!!!