Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards

Today we have a guest blogger - our lovely friend Bunni has done a review of the:

Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards ~ Colette Baron-Reid (Artwork by Gary A Lippincott)

I adore anything Arthurian and when I saw these cards they called to me very loudly. I have a few decks of Oracle cards but these are the ones that I use for my daily draw (when I remember). The imagery is very 'simple' at first glance there isn't a lot going on - but for me that makes them a truly intuitive pack - there are key words on each card - so you don't 'have' to consult the book for each card - the keyword says it all ..... or the image!

First I'll talk about the book .......... I find the way it's written very clear and easy to understand, the cards are numbered which means you aren't hunting in the index to find the right page .... I like simple the one thing that I do have a slight issue with is there are no reverse meanings given - so it would appear on the 'outside' to be a very 'light' deck and as we know each emotion has it's dark equivilent - but that's my own personal grumble.

Now on to the cards ..... these are split into groups - The Messengers of Avalon, The Animal Guides of Avalon, The Guides of Faery and then The Sacred Journey Markers - as I mentioned earlier - each 'major' card has the keywords written on them (Dog ~ Loyalty, Sincerity, Unconditional Love) but unlike other Oracle cards - this deck is different in that it has the Sacred Markers - all the artwork on these 21 cards shows a Path - the path could be through a forest, up a hill, or something - but there is no pre-conceived imagery and there are no 'keywords' on the Sacred Markers - so when you (well when I) draw one of these cards I find I use my intuition more than being 'told' what the card means - however, in saying that - don't let me put you off - the Sacred Markers are called Joy, Re-Birth etc.
I would heartily recommend these cards to anyone, as Decks go they haven't got the most impressive artwork - but the clean and simple artwork goes well with the message of the cards - there isn't anything to 'heavy' that has you racing for the dictionary - nor is it over simplified - I'll share with you today's card:

As always when I do my draw my question is: What do I need to know today?

Card: The Hawk ~ Keyword: Omens, Messages

When the Hawk appears, expect a message to be delivered to you to aid you in your quest. Perhaps a telephone call from a friend will help you solve a mystery, or a chance meeting with someone may solve a riddle. You may, literally, see writing on the wall or overhear a conversation between strangers. You will know it when it happens. Be open to messages from others and be aware of omens and signs in Nature. The world is constantly attempting to communicate with us, but we human beings have forgotten how to listen. So, remember who you are - an intrinsic part of the Great Mystery of Life. Listen and learn. This is the gift of the Hawk as he soars into your life from Avalon's skies.

Bright blessings
Bunni x x x


  1. that's so strange, I was just looking at that deck yesterday when trying to find a b-day gift for a friend. I almost bought them for her too.... :-) Blessings. ~)O(~

  2. so is good and bad premonitions...i believe in omen

  3. Strange and scary...I don't want to believe in card readings it scares me a lot.

  4. I tend to look upon the cards as a tool, CT, something that helps me to bring out of my subconscious something I already knew. They don't predict a set-in-stone future, but they will help you to see possible outcomes with all the information you hold in the now. If you don't like something you see, then you can see what you need to change in yourself in the present to create a better future :)

    Much love


  5. I personally don't use reversals in oracle readings. That isn't too day you couldn't if you want to, but I find the message with oracle decks are usually fairly open and therefore don't need reversals. Then again I also know plenty of people who don't read reversals in tarot either. :)

    Do love your blog