Thursday, 11 August 2011

Our magical intent process..

Our magical intent process and how it works..

A question that we have been discussing this week.

All our Kitchen Witch items are hand crafted by Tansy & Blaiddwolf – between us we have nearly 25 years of witchcraft experience added to that our druid experience, herbalism training and Reiki amongst other things!

At Kitchen Witch when we make a magical item, a poppet or a witches bottle for instance, it starts with the herbs.

Most of the herbs we use are grown in my own garden, organically and pesticide free. So not only are they looked after with love, care and attention they don’t have any chemical nasties in. Herbs themselves as living things carry their own power and each herb has its own special magic before we even get to use them.

The items used are cleansed and blessed such as the bottle for a witches bottle or the felt used in the poppets.

If the item is for a specific use, for instance a prosperity witches bottle – each herb is selected for its magical intent so for prosperity we might add mint, basil and poppy seeds as they are carry the magical intent of prosperity, but we might also add cinnamon for success, rice for abundance etc. As we add the herbs we charge them with that intent. So not only do the herbs carry their own magical intent power they are also charged as well. Any other items we add such as a string knotted three times – we add the intent as we knot the string so again for prosperity the first knot would be abundance, the second prosperity the third money wise ability or something like that.

We also like to use colour magic, so if we are dressing a witches bottle for prosperity we will add green ribbon and green wax – again charged with the intent. Green being a good colour for prosperity.

Once an item is finished we then bless it and charge it with intent again – should be some nice power in the item by that point!

Then once the customer receives the item they can then add their own personal energy and intent to it. Usually this is done by visualisation – sending their own energy and intent into it. This then personalises the item and gives it that final magical charge. A person can also recharge their item if after a few weeks/months they feel the item needs a boost – this can be done as before by visualising their intent and sending their energy into the item.

Items you make for yourself will obviously have your own intent in them, but not everyone is crafty or has the time – that’s where we can help!

Yes herbs have their own magical energy, yes all plants do, yes colour magic helps, yes the fact that the items are made by witches helps…but at the end of the day the real magic is in YOU.


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  1. Love the post - I looked forward to it after the FB discussion.