Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Temple of Witchcraft

I have recently been reading some of Christopher Penczak's Temple of Witchcraft books and I have to say I am very impressed.

From his bio on his website www.christopherpenczak.com

Christopher Penczak is a Witch, teacher, writer and healing practitioner.  His practice draws upon the foundation of both modern and traditional Witchcraft blended with the wisdom of mystical traditions from across the globe as a practitioner and teacher of shamanism, tarot, Reiki healing, herbalism, astrology and Qabalah.  He is the founder of the Temple of Witchcraft tradition and system of magickal training based upon the material of his books and classes.

The first book in the series The Inner Temple of Witchcraft covers magick, meditation and psychic development and essentially covers the First Degree in witchcraft.  Written incredibly well with just enough of the sometimes boring history before he deals with the good stuff!  This book is about exploring your inner temple, your personal scared space.  It contains 13 lessons with exercises, one chapter per month.  It starts with the magical mind, meditation and the magic of science, going on to cover spirit and journey work too.  The exercises contained in this book are truly inspiring.

The next book is The Outer Temple of Witchcraft, essentially the Second Degree.  This book is written in the same easy to understand way as the first.  Laid out in a similar way as the first book, with 13 lessons together with exercises for each month.  This book provides you with your foundation in the craft.  Covering rituals, attunements, visualisations, magic circles, tools, herb and stone craft and divination to name but a few.

Then on to The Temple of Shamanic Witchcraft - shadows, spirits and the healing journey.  Again 13 lessons with exercises to be done over 13 months.  Covering journeying, dreamwork, totems, drumming, animal and plant medicine, soul retrieval, shapeshifting and shadow work plus much more.  Building on the work done in the first two books.

And onto my particular favourite at the moment - The Temple of High Witchcraft - ceremonies, spheres and the Witches Qabalah.  13 lessons again, each with exercises.  This book takes your spiritual evolution to the next level.  It introduces the concepts of the Qabalah and the rituals of high magic.  It guides you into the realm of creative and critical thinking, communication, knowledge and truth.

But it doesn't stop there...

The next book is The Living Temple of Witchcraft Vol I - The Descent of the Goddess.  Venturing deeper into the mysteries of witchcraft, discovering a new level of wisdom, love, power and responsibility.  Covering power and the right and left hand paths, healing, ethics, soul history and discovering your own spiritual laws.

The Living Temple of Witchcraft Vol II - The Journey of the God.  This book deals with zodiac signs, earth stewardship, working with ley lines, ancestor work, mediumship and trance amongst many other things.

I cannot recommend these books highly enough.

And if you want to join us as we work through them together at Kitchen Witch we have a study group on our forum www.kitchenwitchhearth.com  (you will need to purchase the books from a reputable retailer to work with this study group, but you don't need to buy them all at once!)



  1. i am reading the temple of shamanic witchcraft and it is fascinating and the exercises very effective. Nicola

  2. Christopher also has a very good book called The Witch's Shield. This was the first of his books that I picked up and have since purchased his entire Temple series.

  3. This stuff sounds great. Really. Knowledge is power.
    But then we got to do the work.
    Aw shucks.
    But, yeah, I still do the work.
    This stuff is awesome.