Thursday, 6 October 2011

When do we become...?

The question was raised recently, of when does that point come when we are entitled to call ourselves witch, or druid, or whatever word we feel best describes our path.

For myself, it was simple, that happened as soon as I'd picked up my first book on witchcraft and put the name to the very familiar path I was already walking. It was an enlightement, it explained everything, I was a Witch!

A witch is something I am, rather than something I choose to be. It is one of the definitive categorisations (is that a word?) of the person I am. I am British. I am female. I am caucasian. I am a witch.

On the other hand, with a viewpoint that I can completely understand, some people prefer to earn the title of witch. They cannot arbitrarily nominate themselves with witch-hood, as it requires knowledge and experience, something that the novice obviously does not have.

There is also the opinion that to pick up a book and declare oneself Witch is an insult to those genuine witches of times past, the ones that put in the time and dedication, the ones that perhaps risked their lives if not just their livelihoods.

Do I feel that I am insulting my ancestors? Actually, no I don't. Times change, political and technological times change. The reason that our craft has survived the millenia is because it has adapted to the times it has lived through. Irrespective of whether there is a physical "official" link to the past, I feel as if I have taken up the beacon of the craft, passed on through the ages and to shine on each and every new incarnation. We take from the past, apply it to the now, and give to the future.

However, it is a valid question that every witch/druid/whatever should ask themselves at some point. When can I call myself ... ?

It can be that initial lightbulb moment if you experience one, it can be after a course of tuition, it can be after an initiation into a group, it can be different times for different people - and it should be that time when you KNOW you are a witch. There's only one person in the whole world who will know when - and that's YOU.

Love and hugs


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  1. Indeed and indubitably.
    For me, it was after a year and a day.