Friday, 27 January 2012

Books - FREE Kindle downloads

A few offerings of FREE Kindle books to download from Amazon - some may only be free today, others will be free for longer, get 'em while they're hot!!

Tales of Aradia the Last Witch Volume I
The thirteenth Unicorn
The mark of a Druid
The apprentice of Fyordorn
The frog, the wizard and the Shrew
A touch of magic
Compleat Magical path magical lessons
Magic as science and religion
Trapped between the two worlds
Cosmic Shekinah
Somebody tell Aunt Tillie she's dead
The smell of magic and other stories
Dragons to loose

Chakra Balancing
Saraswati (Tales of the Vedas)
The Bewitching Hour's Totems February 2012
Viking Warrier (The Strongbow Saga)

Some are fiction some non. I haven't read them myself yet, let us know if any of you have!

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  1. *sighs* I still don't have a kindle - methinks I am missing out now x

  2. Thanks for showing my book. You rock!

  3. Thanks for showing the book. I have a kindle app on my iPhone, And was able to get the book i wanted today.

  4. If you keep an eye on our facebook page I try to post a free Kindle download book everyday if I can.
    Lesley - I'm sorry!!!
    LA Jones - I have downloaded Tales of Aradia to my Kindle, I am looking forward to reading it, watch this blog for a review! :-)