Wednesday, 11 January 2012


I have, over the years journaled regularly, mostly on the computer I must admit but every so often I am gifted a beautiful book with lovely blank pages for me to fill with my inner most thoughts or as usually turns out general babble ;-).

So why journal?

You can use the journal to 'empty your head', get out all the random thoughts that might be clogging up your thought process, sometimes by writing it all down and then reading it back it will make perfect sense and if you have a dilemma it can also aid in coming up with a solution. It is a simple way to gain insights that you might otherwise have missed.

It also helps to journal before bedtime, to empty all the chaos from your head so your mind is peaceful to aid you in sleeping.

It is also interesting to journal about your spiritual journey, then you have something to look back upon and see how far you have come. Writing all your thoughts and experiences and reading them back can be a very powerful self development tool.

A journal is a good place to keep a record of your experiences too, again something to look back on in the future and re-live the memories.

Some journal ideas:

Spiritual journal to record the journey on your path.
Moon journal - write how you feel, what your mood is like each day and keep a track of the moon phases - see how it affects you.
Family journal to record things your children say, events you go to together etc.
Memories journal - jot down something that happened each day that you want to keep as a memory.
Thankful journal - write down one thing each day that you are thankful for.
Book journal - keep a record of all the books you read, write a short review about each one.
Partners journal - write down experiences or events with your partner, something to look back on.
Friends journal - keep a record of things you did with your friends, meet ups, chats etc.
Recipes journal - make a note of recipes you have tried and how they turned out.
Hobby journal - if you have a hobby; walking, stamp collecting, anything really - journal what you have collected, what you have done etc
Goals journal - do you have ideas? do you have things that you want to achieve? jot down goals or items to focus on, make a note when and how you achieve them.
Travel journal - if you travel or holiday a lot, keep a note of where you have been and what the places were like.

The ideas are limitless really.  Or just put it all in one great big journal!

It doesn't have to be a paper and pen journal it can just as easily be kept on your computer - give it a try!



  1. What a beautiful journal you have there. I love that you have listed different journals to keep, I love to write and don't always keep up to date with my journal and then cram lots into it in one go lol. Lovely blog.

    Rachel x

  2. love love love love love your post- I keep a few different journals myself- thanks for some other ideas! I definitely want to do a travel journal :D I didn't even think of that last year when we were moving! I have some pretty good tales too.