Sunday, 8 January 2012

Robin - bird of new beginnings

I spent a lovely morning yesterday in the Chalice Well Gardens, Glastonbury.

When I reached the Well itself I walked in and sat on the wall, when I had got myself settled I realised there was a little robin sitting onto of the well cover. Slowly and careful I got the camera out of my bag, trying to be careful not to disturb him. I took a couple of photos and even the flash didn't seem to bother him, after he had posed for photos he came and sat right next to me! We sat there for ages together - it was beautiful.

Robin as a totem/power animal:

Happiness, guide in the wisdom of change, growth, renewal, guidance in the beginning of a new cycle.

The following information is from the website

Robins are good parents like many birds are. One facet of this power animal their ability to nurture themselves into true adulthood. This is signified by the robin's red breast - it symbolizes the activation of creative energy, inciting growth. This is also linked with the Robin's traditional connection to spring - the season of renewal. When we let go of our past - a lot of which stems from childhood experiences - we are refreshed and renewed, thus unburdened and free to nurture and serve ourselves as well as others. If the robins gifts have not been learned and utilised correctly, you will be continually challenged by the prospects of change with difficulties cropping up as well as emotional disharmony. Let go of the past…move on……

If there is an abundant food supply, robins will live the year-round in an area. This can show us that when our heart and soul feels gloomy and cold, we are able to thrive if we possess sufficient inner strength, courage and trust. Therefore, the robin is an especially good ally to have through the winter months.

One part of growth is learning how to deal with conflict in a mature manner. Male robins immersed in territorial disputes sing to each other. This trait upholds the creative aspect of this bird's energy. To become truly mature, we have to learn to trust our intuition and our unique creative expressions.

Robin will incite new growth in all areas of your life, areas that have become stagnant and out-dated. You must believe in yourself as you move forward for if you do, barriers will disappear, and confrontations will be for show only. Robin will show you how to do this with joy in your hearts. Their song is a happy one, reminding you to let go of your personal drama and learn to laugh with life.

The robins eggs are powder blue. This colour is associated with the throat chakra in man and is also linked to heavenly inspiration. As the throat chakra's main function is use as an expression of All That Is and the egg is symbolic of new life, you will be taught how to express yourselves positively in all you do. You will be lead to new beginnings without fear by restoring trust in yourself and your soul. Meditate on Robin and the right path will be shown to you.

The red colour on the robins chest is linked to the kundalini in man. This is the life force that resides coiled up within the base of the spine. When sufficient spiritual growth has been reached, it uncoils and moves up the spine to create heightened awareness. This will enhance psychic vision and leads us to enlightenment. If robin is your guide, you will most probably be a dedicated spiritual seekers. Although growth can be slow and testing, with patience, compassion and proper focus spiritual ideals will be fulfilled.



  1. Oh this is so interesting ! I was just thinking on my totem and how I must work on those of our children . and our eldest dd has a robin ! I did not have any info on the robin so I will link your post to her .
    I am so in love with your blog !

  2. Thank you Rox, glad we could be of help!