Friday, 10 February 2012


I have been asked on several occasions how to cleanse crystals or magical tools, so here are a few ideas:

Hold under running water (a stream or a tap)

Lay item outside (in a safe place) in the moonlight

Lay item outside (in a safe place) in the sunlight

Either of the above two can also be done by placing the item on a windowsill

Sprinkling with salt

If it feels like it needs a really good cleanse then cover completely in salt and leave for a few hours

Smudge with incense

Smudge with burning sage or sweetgrass

Sprinkle with a cleansing herb like sage and leave for a few hours

Visualise the item being cleansed by a bright, white light

Ring a bell over the item, using the vibrations to cleanse it

Sprinkle with blessed water

Sprinkle with salt water

Bury the item in soil (but remember where you buried it!)

Please be careful, make sure the particular crystal or magical tool is not porous and that it won't be damaged by water or salt.

All of the above can be worked into a ritual if you choose to, or you could say a few blessing words over the item as you are cleansing it.

Really the choice is yours, go with what feels right for you.



  1. I am fairly simplistic and also I like the 'hands on' approach of holding them in my hand and visualising white light in and around the item - another thing I do (not sure where I read it) is to knock three times on a new Tarot / Oracle deck as this 'knocks' out any negative vibe the deck may have after being handled by packers, printers etc........ bunni x x x

  2. Ah yes thanks Bunni! didn't think about the 3 knocks, that is exactly what I do on my tarot deck!


  3. I feel the same way with candles. I use incense and oils on a new candle. People don't realize the energy that may be in the store or in the people's hands that touched the candle/item. That person may have been having a bad day. And.... sort of puts a new twist on your intention for your magical item. I then reike the candle/item.