Thursday, 2 February 2012

Craft of the Wild Witch

One of my favourite books in my collection is Craft of the Wild Witch by Poppy Palin.

Beautifully written book about 'green spirituality and natural enchantment'.

Poppy is an author, a seer, sacred tattooist and artist all of her wonderful pathways can be found on her website

On the back of the Craft of the Wild Witch book it says "a poetic guidebook to the green spirited path" and that is exactly what it is.

This book shows you how to embrace nature, how to be a free spirited and wild witch.

It covers rituals, chants, seasonal prayers, tree meditations, spellweaving, other life memories, trance work, the world of the Fae, pathworking, herbs and sacred intent.

I want to list the chapter titles for you because I think those in themselves capture the feel of the book:

The magical life
Strong roots, lengthening branches
Wild landscapes of the Soul
Off the beaten track
Wild enchantments, green wilful wishes
Into the wild green beyond

If those titles don't entice you into the book I don't know what will!!


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