Friday, 17 February 2012

Dance to your own beat...


Drums are incredibly useful within ritual, meditation or just to make you feel good.

In a ritual the beat of a drum can help to focus everyone to raise energy, the drum beat starting out slowly and gradually increasing to raise the energy within the circle.

Listening to a steady drum beat during meditation can help you focus on your own heartbeat, a slow steady beat can help create calm, and help to take us off onto pathworking or journeying.

Drumming can help focus your energy when working on chakras.

I had the pleasure of being part of a ritual within the White Springs in Glastonbury a couple of years ago, whilst inside several people started to drum, the energy it created was totally amazing!

Drumming can aid with physical healing, promotes well being and can release pent up emotions.

Studies have revealed that healing effect of drumming helps to deal with stress, fatigue, anxiety, hypertension, asthma, chronic pain, arthritis, mental illness, migraines, cancer, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, paralysis, emotional disorders and physical disabilities.

Drumming helps with relaxation, lowers blood pressure and reduces stress it has also been shown to boost the immune system.

Research has shown that the physical transmission of the drumming energy to the brain synchronises the two cerebral hemispheres. When both sides are in harmony it allows your intuition to flow and creates conscious awareness.

A rhythmic drumming beat can also induce an altered state to allow you to trance, journey or pathwork.

You don’t even have to own a drum, although the bodhran is a beautiful thing! There are plenty of drumming CD’s available and even You Tube has some drum tracks. You could also make your own drum beat just by beating your hand on a plastic tub!

Go on…dance to your own beat!



  1. you'd better get that gorgeous pink drumkit out again then, mrs p! =)

  2. Love listening to drum circles, but I'll admit it is very rare that our group successfully makes it through one - but I think that is because our energies aren't all linked as well as they need to be we go so well and then someone throws it off and it spirals out, but those times we make it, it is awesome. For me personally the drumming itself is not my thing, I want to get up and dance to it or sing with it rather than do the drumming myself.

  3. I find that I'm able to journey better when drumming--it is easier to enter those levels of consciousness. It's also a favorite way of mine to raise energy. I would love to join a drumming circle. Interesting facts. Great post. ~)O(~

  4. Your post has made me look forward to the annual Beltaine celebrations in my city. We all go up the mountain to a specific site, where there's drumming, fires, dancing and a lot (sometimes a bit too much) of drinking.

  5. Debs - that was a while ago! Got myself a Bodhran now!
    Julie - oh yes singing and dancing is wonderful too.
    Witchfire - thank you!
    Harzgeist - that sounds amazing, I am sure you will have a fantastic time.

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