Monday, 27 February 2012

The Druid's Primer

I received a copy of Luke Eastwood's book The Druid's Primer from those lovely people at Moon Books last week.

The back cover of the book says that "The Druid's Primer is a comprehensive guide to genuine druidic knowledge and practice based on ancient texts and surviving Celtic lore and customs".

And I have to say that is pretty much spot on, this is indeed  a comprehensive guide to druidry.

The chapters covered are:

History of druidry
What is a druid?
Gods & Goddesses
Myth & Legend
Elemental Forces
Inspiration - this chapter also includes some lovely visualisation exercises
Animism and animal worship
Cycles of the sun, moon and earth - this chapter covers the sabbats too
Tools of the trade
Medicine & healing
Justice & wisdom

Having been on a similar path myself for many years now a lot of the information wasn't new, but it was all interesting.  I especially enjoyed the chapter on Immrama.

Lovely to see all the cycles of the sun, moon and earth covered, rather than just the moon.

It reads well and is laid out in an easy to follow format, lots of interesting historic facts added to Luke's own understanding of druidry.

Comprehensive it certainly is and a must read for anyone interested in the path of druidry and even for those already on that path I would think as well.  For someone on the druidic journey it will end up being very well thumbed and one of those books that will always be referred back to for reference.


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