Thursday, 16 February 2012


One of my favourite working with the Fae books is Faeriecraft by Alicen and Neil Geddes-Ward.

"Faeriecraft is the creative melding of the Faerie faith and natural witchcraft". This is the statement on the back of the book and it is spot on.

Beautifully written and including some wonderful illustrations this book takes you on a journey to meet and work with the Fae.

Chapters included:

Who are the Faeries?
Finding your own way to Faerie land
How to begin working with the Faeries
The Faerie Queens and how to work with them
The Faerie Kings and how to work with them
Reaching into Faerie land with meditation
Who is the Faerie temptress and where is she taking us?
The tools and attire of Faeriecraft
Celebrations for groups and solitaries working with Faerie magic
How to create a Faeriecraft wedding, baby naming and other rites of passage

Pretty much covers it all!

There are some quite beautiful meditations and journeys included in the book along with how to create a garden or a wild altar, ways to contact the Faerie royalty, ideas for celebrations and everything you need to know about working with the Fae.

I have read the book from cover to cover and also dip in and out quite regularly to pathwork with the Undines or journey to meet the Snow Queen amongst others!

A must have for those that love the Fae.

Alicen Geddes-Ward has a website
Neil Geddes-Ward also has a website



  1. I've just purchased the book! Thanks so much for the recommendation! <3