Monday, 6 February 2012



One of my favourite spices/herbs.

Gender: Masculine
Planet: Mercury
Element: Fire
Deities: Prometheus, Dionyss
Powers: Protection, healing, purification

Fennel is a perennial herb with fine feathery foliage, midsummer flowers and small curved seeds that have an aniseed flavour, the root bulb is also used as an aniseed flavoured vegetable (raw or cooked - it is delicious in salads).

Grow around your home for protection.  Hang fennel in your windows and over doors to ward of evil spirits, the seeds can be carried for the same purpose.  Use in purification sachets and incense as well as for healing.  Carry with you also to help influence people to trust your word.

Fennel tea is good for the digestion and to aid with bronchitis or a cough.  It is also good for menstruation problems, constipation and a tea made with the leaves boiled with barley help to increase breast milk. Add root extract and it is also good for detoxing.   It is also said to be good for repairing liver damage due to alcohol.  Also drink fennel tea to aid your memory.

The seeds and root help to clean out the liver, spleen, blood and gall bladder.   Chew the seeds to stave off hunger pangs.  Mix fennel oil with honey to ease a cough, drink as a tea and/or use as a gargle. Use fennel oil externally to ease rheumatism. 

Roman soliders chewed the seeds before battle to instil courage and confidence.

Fennel seeds can be thrown at newly weds instead of rice to encourage fertility.



  1. haha! am glad you said you throw fennel seeds at the newly weds as opposed to the whole bulb!! don't think that would go down terribly well! lol ;)