Friday, 9 March 2012

An amazing Akashic experience...

I have this week had a most amazing experience...

I had some healing treatments from the lovely Trish at The Peaceful Healing Tree

I had a bit of a fusion treatment, and had a bit of everything (well I am worth it ;-0).

The chakra clearing and balancing was spookily spot on, I got a very detailed report on what chakras were blocked, open but blocked etc and what problems would be caused as a result and how to deal with it and complete details of what Trish did as well to clear them.

I also received some amazing Reiki too (yep I know I used the word amazing already but that's just what it is!!).

And then there is the Akashic records reading...I don't think I have the right words to describe just how awesome (see I didn't use the word amazing again...) a very detailed report on my past lives (well some of them at least, apparently I've been round the block more than a few times) and how they have impacted on my present life, my emotions and my health.  All of the details that Trish related to me were exact and on the nail, scarily so in some cases.  Information and details that there is no possible way Trish could have known about from any other source.  And all of the past life details made perfect, perfect sense and explained so many things about my experiences at the moment.

These treatments are a must, they aren't expensive and are definitely worth experiencing, I can't recommend the experience highly enough.

They have a website thepeacefulhealingtree
And a facebook page, pop over and 'like' the page

The Peaceful Healing Tree also offers tarot, oracle and rune readings - again from my personal experience absolutely spot on too!

All the above services can be performed over the internet.

If you happen to be in the area they also offer a house blessing service.


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