Friday, 9 March 2012


enchantment [ɪnˈtʃɑːntmənt]
1. the act of enchanting or state of being enchanted
2. a magic spell or act of witchcraft
3. great charm or fascination

Enchant comes from the word ‘incantare’ which means to ‘sing over’ which is also the meaning of incantation.

It basically means to put a spell or charm on an object or a person.   You might enchant a piece of jewellery to wear as a talisman, you might cast an enchantment over a person for love.

If it is an item you are enchanting, the charm will usually stay in place until you remove it.

To enchant an item is to fill it with energy for your particular intent. 

You can make it fancy smancy and build a whole ritual around it, but you can also keep it simple. 

Using visualisation, control and gather the energy you need and send it into the item.   So if you wanted to create a talisman for protection, visualise yourself in a suit of armour or surrounded by a protective shield, once you have a clear image then visualise the energy being drawn into the item you are using as a talisman to be stored.

Once that is done you can either seal the item or you can add a trigger, this will allow you to turn the talisman on or off at will.   If you seal it the talisman will always be active, the only way to stop it would be to block the energy.  If you add a trigger this basically works as an on/off switch that can be activated by a spoken word or phrase.

The key to good enchantments is visualisation!



  1. Always a great read! I especially like and agree with "The key to good enchantments is visualization!" I find myself getting wrapped up in the words and methods and forget that the most important thing is visualization and intent...

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