Monday, 12 March 2012

Ostara Meditation

Ostara Meditation

Sit or lie down, somewhere comfortable where you wont be disturbed.  You may close your eyes whenever you wish if you find it easier to visualise that way, but whatever works for you is fine.   

As you sit concentrate on your breathing, feel how your breath feeds your body and expands your lungs, feel the air travel the length of your body before being expelled on the out breath. 

Concentrate on your breathing and as you exhale feel your body relax, feel the muscles get heavier and feel your mind release your thoughts, let them wander away as you concentrate on your breathing. 

I'd like you to visualise a meadow, it's Spring time and the meadow is awash with greenery, as you look round you see white amongst the green.  You move closer and see the white are small daisies, you can smell the grass and feel the grass tickling your feet as you stand there.  There is a slight breeze and you feel it against your cheek, you raise your head and see the blue sky.  Everything is still and quiet.

As you look around you notice a small, sandy track leading away from you, you start to follow the track as it meanders.  As you walk you notice small sounds like the chirpping of the crickets in the grass and the tweeting of the birds in the trees.  You can hear the humming of the bees on the flowers. 

You follow the track down to the edge of a lake, you can see the breeze ruffle the water, you look around you and see a woman sitting under a tree.  She has in front of her a deck of cards, She looks up and welcomes you with a smile.  

You move closer to the Lady and realise that She is reading the tarot cards, She asks  you if you have a question you would like to ask the Cards.  You think for a moment and then ask the question.  The Lady shuffles the cards and lays them down and smiles, and although you can't see the cards you know by her attitude that there will be a favourable outcome.  

The Lady then hands you something to remind you of your time together and points to a Path you hadn't seen before, heading in a new direction. 

You realise that this is your new beginning and you head toward the path with hope, and renewed energy.  

You bid the Lady farewell and as you walk you become aware of your surroundings in the here and now, gradually coming back to reality, refreshed, refocused and renewed.  Take a moment to stretch and fully focus into the present.  

... bunni 2012... 

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