Monday, 5 March 2012

Pele - She Who Shapes the Sacred Land

Goddess Pele is a Hawaiian Volcano and Fire Goddess.  She is known as She Who Shapes the Sacred Land.

Pele is passion, purpose, dynamic action and eternal and profound love.

She originally came from Tahiti, where her sister Namaka, a sea goddess would send waves over Pele’s home to put out the flames.  

Pele travelled in search of a new home, carrying the egg of  her unborn sister Hi’iaka under her arm.  Throughout the journey Namaka made the water treacherous as Pele travelled in a canoe on the sea.

Pele tried to land on several different islands but jealous snow goddesses who lived in the high mountains sent blizzards to quell her flames.  Namaka also continued to harass Pele whenever she tried to land.

Eventually Pele found her home on Hawaii in a volcano called Kilauea.

Her story reminds her that once we know who we are we can honour our inner self, our true self.  It also reminds us that when we follow our true pathway, working through any problems along the way, and not to give up we will achieve our goal.  Dedication and perseverance will get us there.

Pele is also a shape shifter, she can be seen as a beautiful young lady, a crone or as a dog.   Her symbols are the Ohi’a lehua which is a beautiful tree that grows on lava flows, Lehua flowers and the Honey Creeper plant.

Volcanoes are destructive and violent, and Pele is often linked with them and her actions can be similar, but as with all destruction this can be good, it is cleansing and clears away that which is no longer necessary within our lives, even clearing away that which is destructive to us.  It is the never ending circle of birth, death and rebirth.  Destruction has to happen before rebirth can take place.   It is as She Who Shapes the Sacred Land that Pele achieves this.   She reminds us that we have the power and ability to create our own universe, our own lives are in our hands.  By using our own words, thoughts and actions we can create that which we desire.

Pele reminds us to believe in ourselves, to be who we are, who we want to be, to acknowledge our connection to the Divine and therefore to understand and accept the Goddess within.

Pele is a Fire Goddess, fire as an element is power, energy, motivation and strength.  She brings all those with her, she helps to manifest our desires to create positive intent and to clear out old and unwanted energy.  She helps us to create new ideas, new situations and new opportunities.  She brings with her feminine energy, the power of woman, dignity, courage and inner strength.

Pele will help to relight your own inner flame, to open us up to passion, purpose and meaning in our lives.  She will open us up to recognize our talents, she will stimulate our creative ideas.

She will bring with her love, passion, creativity, motivation, energy, cleansing, renewal, fearlessness and also protection.


Top image is Pele Honua Mea by Herb Kawainui Kane
Second image is Pele, goddess of volcanoes by Vedic Hawaii

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