Monday, 23 April 2012

The Arthurian Tarot

I find with tarot cards and oracle cards that you might be gifted them or purchase them and then they sit in the cupboard for months untouched, then all of a sudden you are drawn to use them.  This is what happened with the Arthurian Tarot by Caitlin and John Matthews (their website is ).  I purchased them probably a couple of years ago on a visit to Glastonbury, I bought them because of my love of all things Arthurian, they then got put in the cupboard and stayed there until they demanded to be used last week.

Presented in a nice little box the cards themselves are on the smaller playing card size measuring 12 x 7 cm and come with a small booklet of meanings.

The artwork is done by Miranda Gray (her website is ) and the images are lovely depicting beautiful landscapes and wonderful Arthurian characters.

The booklet says:

"Our inspiration for this pack is the quest for the Hallows, or 'holy things'.  These are the regalia of Sovereignty, the Goddess of the Land - she who grants the kingship.  These ancient treasures of the land of Britain may still be sought, not as museum artefacts but as spiritual empowerments that align us to our soul's vocation".

The cards are divided into the Greater Powers (the Major Arcana) and the Lesser Powers (Minor Arcana).  the Greater Powers cards show major characters and influences from Arthurian times.  Each Greater Power also has an animal as its magical protector.  The Greater Powers have been given Arthurian names but their Major Arcana equivalents are given as well.    The Lesser Powers cards are represented by landscapes, all based on real places within Britain.   The ten cards all represent castles, the court cards show protagonists of the quest and represent the other worldly courts of the four Hallows.  The four suits are arranged around the Hallows (or Aces) - Sword, Spear, Grail and Stone.  The four suits also represent the four seasons.

They are lovely cards, especially if you like the Arthurian legends.



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