Friday, 22 June 2012

Friday 22nd June ....... Glaston'bear'y ..

Today the ladies (Tin, Raven and Sun) and I headed off to Glasto to meet up with Tansy and Sky - Woot, wooot the whole of the KW team round a table ...........hmmmm - wonder if it's a round one????

So, we arrive in a soggy, gloomy Glasto - and head to the cafe for a comfort break ..... ohhh alright Cake!!! and we find SKY!!!! - had to get a cuddle!!!!

You know I'm a bear and I can sit still for hours and hours and hours - well, these ladies can chat for that long - I had to cough and remind them that there were shops in the vicinity!!! 

Loookit - it's me and Tin in the crystal shop - holey moley but .......... spoilt for choice ..... better keep Raven away from the moonstone tho..... hmmmm - this honey calcite looks tasty!

Ohhh cool - a real Brit telephone box.... c'mon Tin - TB phone home!!!

Ok, ladies time for order.....

That means you Tansy!!!  Let the staff meeting commence - Chairbear in charge .... and no cake til we are done! 

Nom, nom, nom - mmmmmm - Tin this chocolate torte is delish - can I have some more please..... 

Oooops, do ya think Raven will notice ??????????

It was great meeting all the ladies again and there are some very exciting plans afoot for the Kitchen Witch school - one plan involves me, the Bear!!!!

Tomorrow we haven't decided yet what we are doing - but ................ one thing for sure .... it will involve fun, laughter and maybe if we are really, really, really lucky .................CAKE! 

love Bear and the KW team x x x  

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  1. I do look forward to the bears adventures........Like, like, like