Sunday, 3 June 2012

Good Books

Whilst on holiday last week I read three very good books, I had downloaded them onto my Kindle when they were on free offer, but I can recommend all of them:

The Golden Acorn: The Adventures of Jack Brenin by Catherine Cooper

The story of a school boy who finds a golden acorn and the adventures that follow, full of spriggans, hags, the fae, tree sprites and druidry.  Brilliantly written for the teen market but I loved it!  It also includes an incredibly loveable but very naughty raven.

The Inheritance of a Swamp Witch by Sonia Taylor Brock

Set in Louisiana, we are introduced to a journalist who finds himself in a situation with witches, dragons, the fae, trolls, angels, shape shifters and a very grump crocodile who used to be a pirate.  Brilliantly written with lovely twists and turns.

The Magical Gypsy Forest (The Magical Gypsy Circus) by R J Biggar

Lovely story about two children who move into a new house and discover a hidden gypsy circus camp hidden in the forest at the end of their garden.

All well worth a read!


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