Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Tuesday 19th June .... Burley

*Don't look now but we are blogging on the day and before 10.00pm :o !!!*

Today, after all the excitement and emotions of yesterday, we decided that a nice gentle, relaxing day should be had.....

So, one text to Tansy and off we set for Burley, Raven adores this place so, she desperately wanted to show it to Tin in a good light ........

And what better light than gorgeous sunlight ... bearbathing .... lovely!!!

I couldn't do it for long tho as Tin was a bit hungry (who skipped breakfast then??????) and wanted a drink...

We found a table in the garden of The Old Farmhouse *highly recommended for their warm welcome, delicious food and yummy, scrummy cake* and ordered our drink - hmmmm - Raven said that she knew someone that would really like the spoon by me!!!

Shall I be Mother?? Still, least I managed to get my biscuit out of the wrapping unlike some..................

Is that what you call a Beartrum????

So, after the liquid refreshment and potty break we headed out to take photo's and have a bit of a wander before Tansy showed up and we could be "Witches what Lunch".........

For some reason Tansy didn't want me anywhere near her when the food came out ..... Nom, Nom, Nom!!!

After eating, chatting, laughing, chatting, eating, drinking, laughing and chatting, they did what comes naturally to three Witches gathered together ............. yep they went shopping!!!!! 

Tin loved this quintessentially English village, it was just as she expected an English village to look like .... Raven did explain to her that not EVERY village had three Witchy shops in them ...

Honestly, one bears paws are not enough........... and they call this relaxation therapy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll stick to the Reiki!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow, Tin, Raven and I are off to Hampton Court, so tune in tomorrow to see if we've been put in the stocks or if the maze has Amazed us, or King Henry has given us paws for thought ..... *groan*

love Tin, Bear and Raven  x x x x

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