Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Wednesday 27th June - Fun with Sun .....

Told ya I'd be back....!

Couldn't leave without telling you what I got up to yesterday....  Well, the wonder that is Tansy came and collected Tin, Raven and I and we all went off to Suns' for some fun (and pie and cake....!!) 

Wooo Hoooo - Anyone home.......... love the fact that Sun has a door just for bears! 

Yayyyy cuddle time..... tickle, tickle, tickle......

Think the Ladies must have their serious heads on for once.... lookit this .... they is working!!!! 

That's right Tansy - a little mark just there and we may get a gold star and some cake!!! 

Hmmm - where's the cake then........ four witches no cake ..... something is wrong!!!! 

Woooooahhhhh - all this - just for me - ahhhhh Sun you shouldn't have! 

Mmmmm ..... cake *drools* if I hide behind this bottle do ya think Tansy will see me???? 

It was lovely to spend the last day with the Girls and I'm really, really, really going to miss them when I'm gone - and I KNOW that Tansy will miss me trying to snaffle her cake...........

Now it's time for heading back to Ravens' and time to pack the bags *sighs* 

Love Bear and the KW team x x x 

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