Monday, 6 August 2012

Bear Witch Project ..... If you go down to the woods today.....

..... You're sure of a big surprise ....

We, that's me, Tansy, Sun and Raven had been invited by those wonderful people at The Genesis Order of Druids to celebrate Lugnasadh with them, but before that we went on their Ogham Walk - time to find out what Bears really do do in the woods!!!! (although Raven said I had to behave else Tin would tell me off!!)

We met up with the Genesis order at Hilsea Lines ..... which is fairly close to Tansy!  After saying our hello's and how do's we set off on the Ogham Walk ... here comes the blurb,.....

Ogham is an Early Medieval alphabet used primarily to write the Old Irish language. Ogham is sometimes called the "Celtic Tree Alphabet" ... 

Steve (he's the knowledgeable one!!) showed us round the trees and let us feel the energy and find 'our' tree the one that talks to us the most ..... 

We started off at a big old Horse Chestnut, I liked this tree but it made Raven sad as it's very poorly :( but she perked up when the tree gifted her a baby chestnut ....... ohhh Sun's asked me to point out (as our resident Oghamist..... Horse Chestnuts aren't part of the Ogham but you can use it as a substitue!)

Then we headed off into the woods and met Elm (not Ogham), Ivy and White Poplar .... I liked this one the leaves 'chittered' and 'chattered' in the breeze and Steve said that they were sometimes called the Whispering Trees and Sun told me that the branches were sometimes used as Divination tools as the Witches would listen to the leaves chittering and get the messages......... wonder how the girls would blog that on Divination Diva blog ..?????

We then met Holly .... and did you know when Holly's don't feel 'threatened' they don't make pointy leaves anymore .......... don't think the Yule wreaths would look the same with non-pointy Holly on them!

Next was Hazel and Hawthorn and then the mighty OAK - he was awesome and Raven said the energy was sooooo slooooooooow and a bit sleeeeeeeeeeeeeepyyyyyy!

Then we saw Bay, Yew, Silver Birch, Walnut and Sycamore - and Sun tells me that Bay, Walnut and Sycamore aren't Oghams ......... sheesh my poor paws!!!

If anyone is interested in doing the 'walk' click the linky to the brochure here Ogham Brochure

After all that walking, you'd think knowing these three that it would be time for tea and cake - but nooooooo it was time for the Genesis Ritual - so, off we went to get ready

Don't she scrub up well!!  As we were 'visiting' we gave an offering to the Ritual of some herbs - as Tansy shoved them up my nose here I can tell you smelt divine!!!

After the ritual I wanted to leave a little something in gratitude .......... no, not what you are thinking ... but Raven let me have one of her offerings and I spent a few moments soaking up the peace 

It was a very hot day, and I was wearing a fur coat - so I wanted to go for a swim - but the ladies said I had to 'stay safe'

Til next time ...............

love Arthur and the team x x x

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