Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Donkey - intelligence and dedication

I had the opportunity to visit a donkey sanctuary at the weekend so I thought I would share with you the totem energies of the donkey.

What beautiful and wise creatures they are.

Donkey as a totem carries with it intelligence and dedication.  It is a symbol of versatility, determination, stubbornness, spiritual dedication, faith, responsibilities and burdens.

Donkeys are hard workers which personifies its qualities of determination and service along with carrying burdens of others.

Donkey does remind us that although it is good to help others, don't take on more than you can carry otherwise you will end up with physical and emotional issues yourself.  Master the art of saying no sometimes and remember that the responsibility of your own actions and words lie with you.

Donkeys don't like change and can seem to be stubborn, if they are frightened or worried about anything they are asked to do they won't do it, this is because they listen to their own intuition and senses.  They know their own boundaries.  Donkey can teach us about trust, respect and listening to our own intuition.

Donkeys also have very good hearing (must be the ears) this teaches us to awaken and listen to our own psychic abilities.

Donkey as a totem animal is a powerful teacher, listen to its messages.



  1. I've nominated you for the Sunshine award. Hope that's cool.

    That aside, I like Donkey--haven't had too much personal experience with the animal or Spirit, but Donkey is sacred to Hestia. Thus they have a place on my shrine to her.

    PS I know you don't have anything to do with the "are you a robot" thingies, but they're murder for those of us with dyslexia! Hopefully this comment pops up! ~)O(~

  2. Aww thank you! Yep those robot thingys are a total pain, sorry about that!