Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Giving back...

I wonder how often we remember to give something back to Mother Earth?

She provides for us in the form of heat, light, food and air, she also provides the energy with which we work our magic, so I think it's good to give something back to her.

But how?

You could work a candle spell to send energy towards growth and renewal of the Earth, you could raise energy within a ritual and send it to the Earth or you could send Reiki and/or healing energy for the planet.

Compost and fertilise, when you put compost or fertiliser on your garden send a bit of magical intent into it for healing and renewal.

When you harvest a plant from your garden replace it with new seeds.

Scatter wild flower seeds in local areas (make sure it is common land and not a farmers wheat field!!).

Before harvesting a plant spend a minute connecting with its spirit, that way you can ask permission to harvest what you need.

Recycle - an obvious one I know, but there are lots of ways to recycle other than composting and paper/glass recycling.  Save up all the ends of your scented candles, melt them and make them into a new one - you should get some interesting scent blends!  Freeze vegetable ends and pieces to make stock with.

I am sure there are hundreds of other ways to give something back!

Blessings and abundance to you all.


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