Monday, 24 September 2012

Druidry and the Ancestors

Druidry and the Ancestors
By Nimue Brown

The description of this book sounded intriguing:

Ancestors are part of our shared humanity, we all have them. Ancestry in the guise of race, has been used as a tool to divide. Even so, it might yet help us move in greater harmony.

Are we playing out the motifs of our family history, or making our own lives? Are we held back by the past, or empowered by it? And why does any of this matter?

Druidry and the Ancestors will take you on a journey into how you imagine yourself, and how you can take control of your identity and future.

Druid, author, bard and dreamer. Nimue Brown is OBOD trained, a founding member of Bards of The Lost Forest and Druid Network member.

And I have to say I wasn’t disappointed.  Nimue has a lovely style of writing which makes you believe you are sitting across the table from her having a chat.  She shares her thoughts and ideas on the ancestors in an extremely thought provoking way.

This book really made me stop and think about how we see the ancestors and how we define them, Nimue’s book has caused me to ponder on all the ideas I had and to reassess them. 

This book will make you look at not just the history of druidry but your own history too, it will make you re think about how you see and work with the ancestors, not just your immediate family but on a much, much wider scale.

It will make you think about ancestors in a completely different way.

Whether you are a druid, a witch, a pagan or not this book will challenge your ideas and make your brain do some overtime (in a good way!).

Highly recommended, it will definitely be on my book shelf at home.

Druidry & The Ancestors is published by Moon Books and will be released in November but is available for pre order from Amazon UK and Amazon USA

Nimue also has a blog Druidlife


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