Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Weegie Tarot

Weegie Tarot - Life of a foolish man by Colette Brown

WOW! what a wonderful book, if you already read the tarot, are learning to read it or even if you have no interest in tarot at all I encourage you to read this book, it will make you laugh out loud, nod in agreement, smile at the human race and will definitely make you cry.

Colette Brown has taken the story of the major arcana and given it new life, new meaning and new understanding - follow 'the fool' on his journey but not the fool as we have known him but the fool as a Glaswegian (Weegie) on his path through his own trials and tribulations, each step echoing the next card in the tarot.

An inspired idea brought to life beautifully.

The official blurb:

Imagine if the Fool of the tarot had been reincarnated in 1960s Glasgow? Imagine his journey as he met the Tarot's archetypes in his life of poverty and sectarianism? His love for his caring foster mum (The Empress), his lessons in life from the maverick car mechanic (The Magician) and the fortune teller (The High Priestess) would all enrich our understanding of the tarot by making it more real and familiar. Eddie Reilly is the foolish man, a Weegie (Glaswegian) on his life journey in an area of poverty, violence, unemployment and great character. He is interviewed by a history student for her degree dissertation and tells his story with much warmth and humor. Whether you read his story as a Tarot book or a social commentary of our times, he will stay with you! Laugh with him; cry with him.



  1. I've never learned or read anything about the Tarot (guess I didn't want to know what the future held for me). Maybe this is the book I should start with?

  2. Hi Samantha, if you are looking to start learning the tarot then I would recommend one of Colette's other books called Tarot: From novice to Pro in one book :-) Available from Amazon.