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Open Birch Moon Ritual

Open Birch Moon Ritual

Saturday 19th January 2013

2.00pm start

Queen Elizabeth Country Park, Horndean, Hampshire. 

Come and join us to celebrate the Birch Moon (with a hint of Imbolc), everyone is welcome, even if you haven't attended a ritual before come along and see what it is all about.

The Country Park has ample car park space (although they do charge £2 but that covers you for the whole day so you could go for a walk through the forest afterwards).

It also has a very nice cafe and toilet facilities.

Hosted by the Kitchen Witch School of Natural Witchery

Our ritual will be held in the BOTTOM FIELD event area of the country park. Park in the first car park by the visitor centre, walk through the centre and out past the cafe, keep walking past the pond, we aren't the first field you get to we are the next one (it sounds like a long walk but it isn't!). The Visitor Centre reception can also help with directions. Or you can park in the second Meadow field car park.

BIRCH - Tree of new beginnings and the seed of change

Silver Birch has a pioneering energy, as it is the first tree to colonise new ground, the tree that begins the remarkable transformation of grassland to woodland to forest.

In the Celtic Tree Ogham, the Birch is the first tree and represents new beginnings, birth, nourishment and cleansing.

Astrologically, it is ruled by the Moon, which enchances intuition, by Venus which brings love and by Jupiter which creates good fortune and happiness. Silver birch is known as Lady of the Woods.

The pioneering energy of the Silver Birch inspires us to begin new ventures and to follow our visions. By doing something that will bring positive change into our lives and into the world, we prepare the way for new directions. Our pioneering spirit will inspire others to follow our lead and from small beginnings we can create big changes, just as a huge forest begins with the first young silver birch trees.

The silver birch sheds its twigs, bark and leaves, teaching us to let go of unwanted aspects of our lives and selves so that we are free to move forward into a new beginning. New growth and new directions are nourished by our experiences, so let go of the past lovingly and with thanks, then look for the chance openings that will help you to move on. Welcome change into your life.

Change does not happen all at once, but the first thing you do will open the way for the next to follow. Do one thing at a time. Better to begin in small loving ways than not to begin at all.

Let the silver birch's pliant twigs and heart shaped leaves inspire you to let go of worry and stress, to dance with the winds of change and to follow your heart.

Birch brings boldness to our actions and helps us to give birth to new ideas. Clear the way, prepare to make changes in your life.

Nourish yourself and those around you. The love you put into motion now will ensure that you are on the right path and that good will grow from the changes you will make.

(Glennie Kindred)

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