Thursday, 3 January 2013

Pathworking through Poetry

Pathworking through Poetry by Fiona Tinker 

I've recently been drawn to writing my own poetry, which I've never really been interested in and so when I came across "Pathworking through Poetry" by Fiona Tinker I took it as a sign that I was meant to read it. The book is packed with information, symbolism and mythology which allows the reader to peek beneath the surface and take a glimpse at the hidden meanings that lay beneath. Armed with this knowledge the reader is given examples of how to use the poems in the book to create pathworkings of their own, with some great results.  I'm a lover of guided meditations and pathworkings myself but I would never have thought to use poetry as my framework ... until now!  

The official blurb 

Poetry talks to the heart as well as the head.  It can move us, make us think and guide us.  This book explores how poetry can help develop a Pathworking through exploring wisdom hidden in plain view.  It is a look at the creative processes, inspirations, how nature and the Divine moves us - and how to apply this on a personal level to Pagan Pathworking.

Pathworking through Poetry is part of the Pagan Portals series from Moonbooks.  

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  1. I love and write poetry. When I saw your post here, I also took it as a sign to read lol.
    As recently I have been writing quite a lot of poetry about all kinds of topics. Thi is a Lovely looking book, thanks for sharing. I want to write more poetry in relation to my pratise, like you for my pathworking