Thursday, 24 January 2013

Shaman Pathways - Web of Life

Shaman Pathways
Web of Life

A new approach to using ancient ways in these contemporary and often challenging times to weave your life path.

Every single one of us lives our lives within a wheel, a circle, a hoop or a web and every single one of us can benefit from learning how to live our lives to the full within it. The problem though, for many of us, is that because we do not belong to the culture of a medicine wheel or wheel of direction, we find that the wheels do not really fit us or we have trouble connecting with or remembering the attributes. This book provides information, guidance and exercises to help readers find ways to connect with the web of life and weave their path within it.

Yvonne is a practicing shamanic healer, shamanic drum maker, holistic therapist and trainer living in West Cork, Ireland. 

By Yvonne Ryves

This is a wonderful little book within the Moon Books Shaman Pathways series.

Yvonne Ryves shows you how to make your own Web of Life she offers up exercises and suggestions to help you put together your own, personal and very unique Web, based on the idea of a Medicine Wheel or the Wheel of the Year – enabling you to personalise it to suit your own needs, thoughts and pathway.

Yvonne takes the reader step by step from creating sacred space, connecting with the compass directions, finding your very own teachers and ultimately weaving your own Web of Life.

Very interesting and inspiring read.


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