Friday, 15 February 2013

The Art of Magic - by Catherine Maguire

We are extremely pleased to have a guest blogger today:

The Art of Magic by Catherine Maguire

I learned about Magic from my Grandmother.  Not the magic of old books and ancient spells, but exquisite everyday magic.  The kind that is so subtle you would almost miss it. 

My grandmother was an incredible woman; soft kind eyes with a will of steel.  Long silver hair always neatly rolled in a bun, and an ample bosom to which I always desired to be held.  She was the epitome of the Goddess, before I knew what a Goddess was, and she had magic.

Thirteen children and a husband long dead before my time.  Everyday in a kitchen that smelled of scones, pine wood and carbolic soap, she cast her spells.  There was no cauldron but instead an old Aga cooker on which she daily seemed to create something from thin air.  Her magical prowess extended out beyond her hearth stone into the garden as well.  Tiny cuttings of plants were taken and tenderly cared for and new shrubs and herbs were lovingly grown.    

My grandmother without knowing it was an expert in the subtle art of alchemy.  It was as natural to her as breathing.  An empty larder, a fridge that appeared bare and yet a sumptuous meal always manifested, we were always well fed.

I learned from her about love and the power of intention and how anything is possible when these two energies are combined. 

She knew potions and remedies but her real healing gift was her kindness which was always accompanied by hot sweet tea and a warm scone.

I have my grandmother’s magic, it’s in my bones, my altar as was hers is my kitchen table, this is where I weave my spells.  Love is the secret alchemical ingredient that she gifted to me.  In my home, thanks to my grandmother the Art of Magic is alive and truly well. 

Catherine Maguire is a Shamanic Practitioner, Soul Reader and Author.  Her book Tending to your Inner Garden, A Woman’s Journey Towards Wholeness is available from Amazon.  You can find out more about her and her work at

Keep an eye out on the for a review of Catherine's book in the very near future!


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  2. Wonderful story, you described my mom. Thanks for sharing. ^ that comment up there was me, but my husband was logged in ;)

  3. Thank you for the lovely feedback, delighted it reminded you of your mom.

    Catherine x