Sunday, 24 November 2013

One year and a month-ish

One year and a month-ish 
written by Starlit Energies

Roughly around the 23rd September 2012 give or take a week or so I was trying to shake a cloak of negativity, but it was so heavy! And there is a certain level of comfort in drawing into myself and looking out from the darkness of the hood, eyes down, solitary, withdrawn…

I’d faced off against an “elder” on a certain social networking site and was hunting desperately for a place to belong. I was told “…you’re not a Wiccan you’re not initiated and you don’t have any lineage, you do not belong here! You’re more like one of those eclectic pagan witch people.” Lovely! How many times has that been thrown in your face while all you’re doing is seeking knowledge and trying to share a little of how you see the world around you and your path?

Anyway I researched and researched and researched what an eclectic witch was and stumbled across several different paths in fact so many that even Hecate the great goddess of crossroads would be confused and check her sat nav! Reading them one by one I was drawn into Kitchen Witchcraft over and over. It wasn’t long before this witch was surfing the internet on her Samsung S3 (ever the modern witch) trying to find some direction. I first stumbled across the Kitchen Witch School of Natural Witchery on the very same social networking site I’d been berated on, I then discovered it was based mainly only an hour away from my current residence and then even more exciting… it wasn’t just some name of a page, it was actually a school.

My first impression was one of frustration that I could venture from Facebook to the Kitchen Witch Forum but I couldn’t see very much on it. Then of course I found out that I could join the forum and meet some like-minded people, perhaps even fellow witches residing in caves cackling around the cauldron in my very own back garden, what I discovered however was that in joining I’d signed up to study with them. Study for what? I still didn’t know!

Everyone was very welcoming and friendly, I soon got the hang of the forum (trust me it gets easier) and when I explained what I thought a witch was suddenly there were people who loved my write up and wanted to know more. I even managed to get a witchy elder “stalking” me for a bit, not in a scary back alley taking photos through the window kind of way but someone curious and willing for my next post! WOW!

When my first lesson came through I had to turn to my ever suffering hubby and say to him “I think I’ve signed up to a witch school, I’m not sure how I’ve done that.” Yep ok I’m not normally that blonde but seriously I had no idea what I was doing. Anyway Lesson One had arrived and it had me stumped. Energy? They were expecting me to strip myself back to the very basics of what I read and practiced a couple of years before and write about it? Ah cr*p! I felt like a complete turd monkey not knowing how or what to write. In fact those first few lessons were equally as tentative and unsure.

After a few lessons I seemed to find my grove and LOVED them right to the very end, I bathed in the thrill of receiving the next one, I was and I continue to be addicted to the appreciation of my mentor and my fellow students. I am in adoration and if I’m honest a slight amount of jealousy of the people around me. The jealousy of others achievements spur me on in a way I could never have imagined. I am encouraged every time I receive feedback, I’m hungry for more you could say… it’s honestly like I’ve been starving for the past few years (if you could see me you’d know that this is not a physical thing but very much a spiritual thing!!!) I found a certain amount of fascination in reading every page of the lessons over and over again until I feel that click of inspiration.

I am completely and utterly bowled over by the experiences I had from them – they have taken me to places I’d never been to, lighting my fire and sending me off on major highs and dunking me in to dismal lows. I’ve learnt so much about me it’s unbelievable, this course has let me explore my inner light and my inner darkness, it has opened my eyes to a different kind of energy, a different kind of living and certainly a different kind of managing my day to day.

I found my spirit guide in a Lanner Falcon called George, I significantly improved my grasp on the basics of my path, I carved a kind of online personality for myself that people wanted to hear from, I started to write my own rituals and spells, I even made a stronger connection to an already strong pull toward the Greek Deities. Being honest the only lesson that gave me the heeby jeebies was healing because I simply do not see myself as a healer, mind you that was until I stripped healing down to its very basics and realised I am interested in healing just not the higher vibrational type i.e. your Reikis or your Angels. I love herbs, crystals, and meditations.

The one thing I have really learnt about this course is that it’s my course, what I say cannot be wrong because it has come from my very heart and core and dare I say it the Goddesses and Gods I love and commune with have spun their magic within me to push me forward through the highs and lows of personal and professional life that gets in the way ever so much. I’ve made it my own and carved my way through the “first degree” happily jumping on to the second as soon as I could.

To complete this mammoth first blog and to summarise what I’m trying to say here… you have nothing to lose and everything to gain in listening to those little whispers in your gut and going for it. I did, I’m still listening to them, and I’ve gained so very much. Maybe you could too…

With much love and starlight xxx


  1. Star! What a great write-up! I am so proud of everything you have accomplished. Watching Storm, you, Autumn, and Amun (and soon Dragon Rose) get your first degree has been very inspirational (and yes a touch of envy) to me and a bit of a kick in the arse.

  2. Really great write up Star , you are an inspiration to us newbies. Congrats on getting through your first degree , I only hope I can do as well on it as you have.

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    1. Apologies! I accidentally deleted my comment!?! Well done Star! Power to you, by following your heart, you have found a path for YOU! ( I was trying to change my user name as my blog doesn't exist as kitchen poppets any more!)

  4. Apologies, I seem to have accidentally deleted my comment! Well done Star!!