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Elementals - Water by Thia

We would like to share some information on the Elementals with you, this was part of the homework for our Kitchen Witch Online School from one of our fabulous students Thia:


Water is also considered a female element. It rules the emotions, feelings, intuition, divination and the unconscious. It is associated with west, twilight and autumn. Water encompasses the ocean, tides, waterfalls, lakes, pools, streams, rivers, springs, and rain. The colors of Water are blue, green, gray and indigo.
Animals associated with Water are serpents, dolphins, porpoises, whales, fish, seals and sea mammals, water-dwelling snakes, frogs and sea birds. It’s gems include peridot, emeralds, aquamarine, pearls, mother of pearl and shells. The tarot suit is cups/chalice. Herbs that accentuate the power of Water are ferns, lotus, mosses, rushes, seaweed, water lillies, and all water plants. Its tree is the willow.
When I feel water I feel peace and calm. I get a sense of the flow of life and how regardless of what feels so important at the time, ‘this too shall pass.’ Water can take its time, but it’s slow easy way will create lasting impressions, such as through canyons, or seeping up through the earth. Of course the power of water when mixed with wind is awesome! Hurricanes are amazing. The resulting storm surge and large waves are not very subtle at all. I am always in awe when I go to the shore and settle my thoughts and think that the waves I am seeing crashing on the shore originated thousands of miles away.
For me, Water is the element I have the most challenges with. I often get stuck in my head (air) and have to make a concerted effort to drop into my heart and emotions. In my younger years I did not have much control over my emotions, they ran rampant over me. This caused me to make emotional decisions, become easily infatuated and led to many years of depression. Over time I have dulled the edge of those youthful emotion binges. But, the cost is that I don’t feel as intensely as I did when I was younger. I am not consumed by emotions, but I am a little removed from them as well.
Water is the element I fear most. I suspect I drowned in a previous life because the thought of going under in the ocean and down into the dark, deep depths where you can’t see or breath and slowly asphyxiating is really quite terrifying for me to think about. I remember times when I was growing up that we would go to the beach and I would body surf. There were a number of times when I just got thrashed by the waves on the sand and held under and was absolutely powerless to do anything about it. I learned a lot of respect and a healthy fear of the ocean that way. I also learned that really, the ocean doesn’t care. If you drowned, the ocean doesn’t have any feelings about it whatsoever. There is no bargaining.
Working with Water in magic is good for dream work, intuition and divination (interesting how I am drawn to the gift of the element I am most challenged with). It is good for healing work as well. Think of the water element in our bodies (blood) and how it flows throughout bringing the toxins and waste through our liver and kidneys to be cleansed. In the Witch’s work we use Water to represent the compassion needed to do good magical work. It brings the feelings and emotions we need to build the personal power behind a spell.
When we don’t have enough Water energy in our lives we can become uncaring or depressed. Too much and we can become overly emotional and overwhelmed by our emotions. When we don’t have enough water in our bodies we become ill. It is the right balance of water that keeps everything flowing optimally.


Undines dwell wherever there is water, be it lakes, rivers, streams, waterfalls or oceans. They can help us with empathy, healing, dreaming and expanding our psychic bodies. Undines can help us to assimilate and understand our life experiences. As in the example above they help us to see the flow of our life (like a river) and how our experiences contribute to that flow as well as help us know that regardless of what is happening now, we will continue to move down stream.
Because Undines rule emotion they can also help us develop compassion and empathy. They can help us develop more intuition and divinatory prowess. When we are unbalanced emotionally, and self-absorbed, wondering if we are worthy, or liked, we can work with the Water elementals to connect to our own self-love and remember that our journey down the river is our own, no one else’s.
The gift of the Undines is emotional balance - compassion and empathy without being overwhelmed or shut down. They can help us develop a steady even hand on our emotional tiller. As we master the domain of emotions we can ask them to work with us to focus our emotions into our magic to make it more potent.
It is said that the Undines are friendly and are willing to work with humans. They are passionate about beautifying the planet and love to work with plants (especially water plants) as much as the Gnomes.
In my new living quarters we are about 15K from an amazing waterfall called Snoqualmie Falls. I have been there several times. The power you feel being near all that water is beyond words. I plan on going there often, especially when I need to call on water energy to help me get into the right flow and let go of some of the air or fire that frequently consumes me. Check out the picture on the next page.

Niksa/Nixa/Nichsa – Water Elemental King

According to King Nichsa is of above-average height and is of a muscular and strong but not bulky build. His skin is pale, almost translucent with a blue hue that reveals his inner energy as it moves within his body. He has Long hair that falls just below his shoulders with the colours of silver, black and blue-green all present. He carries a scepter in his hands and wears an ornate crown made of coral and shells.
Nichsa's personality is more passive than the other Kings and Queens and he has a sincere and emotionally involved way of speaking. He has a feeling of relaxation and calmness about him that makes one feel at ease.
Queen Tritone appears as a beautiful, slender woman with cream coloured skin. Her long, wavy hair is black and flows around her in the swirls of water. Her eyes are icy blue, and she has an enticing smile. In her left hand she carries a cup with a conch shell bowl.

Archangel of Water Gabriel

Things start to get a little inconsistent when we bring in the Archangels. For example, I have read that Gabriel is associated with the South rather than the West. Other associations are more consistent, for example, his color is blue and his stones are aquamarine, clear quartz and moonstone. That all makes sense. Gabriel’s card is the High Priestess, which also makes sense as the Priestess is the great diviner. Interestingly, his script is Theban. As you will see I am doing my extra-curricular work on magical alphabets.
As the Archangel of Water, Gabriel’s domain is the flow of magical power, women, hearth and home. His day is Monday (Moon-Day). He works with energy for healing, psychic development and prophetic dreaming. He can help with boosting psychic abilities, astral travel, intuition, secrets, emotional issues, voyages, dreams and fertility.

[i] Practice of Magical Evocation


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