Monday, 6 October 2014

The magic of Chives

Written by one of our fabulous students Willowmoon:

Chives - the common name of Allium Schoenoprasum, the smallest species of the edible onion genus. 

A perennial, it is native to Europe,Asia,and North America. They are cool season, cold tolerant and planted in early spring. They attract bee's and butterflies to it's pink blossoms. 

The leaves and flowers are edible. They are good for edging paths and borders, they make an excellent companion plants deterring pests such as carrot root fly. 

Flowers in June and July, sowing in March, April, May, June and July, position full sun. 

Other common names include: Cive, Cive garlic, Sweth, Rush leeks, Civet.

General historical usage: The historical (untested) use of Chive was to expel worms and intestinal parasites and as a mild antiseptic. 

Gender: Male
Astrological sign:Scorpio

Large quantities can cause stomach irritation, but also lower blood pressure. Along with its cousins garlic, leeks,and onions, chives help prevent cancer and treat high blood pressure. Chinese medicine suggests these to be used for colds, flu and congestion.

Historical use was for digestion, it is thought , because of the iron present, that his would be a good herb to treat anemia by iron deficiency. 

If harvesting for magickal uses, harvest close to noon, on a Tuesday. 

A story is told that during the approach of Alexander the great (356-323) the people of Siberia appealed to him (in honour to his upcoming wedding to Princess Roxana) with their only treasure -Allium schoenoprasum - because it was believed to be an aphrodisiac. This belief remained until the 19th Century.

The herb quickly gained the reputation of chasing away evil spirits and disease.  For this reason it was planted outside the bedroom windows of young children and brought into the kitchen. It is not uncommon to see them hanging from ceilings or tied to bed posts. If you feel evil spirits are just nagging at you go for a walk in the woods with the intention to locate some chives. When you locate some sit down and tell them your troubles - then ask for protective assistance. If you feel they heard and are willing gather one fresh stalk, slowly chew until you have eaten the whole thing .

If evil spirits are upsetting your homelife, plant 13 clumps of Allium Schoenoprasum evenly around the foundations of your home.

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